Match dates, details and results.

Match Date. Sunday 3rd March 2019


1st K.Brown 24lb 7oz

2nd B.O’Neill 23lb 3oz

Match Date. Sunday 24th February 2019


1st D.Seamans 87lb 11oz

2nd B.O’Neill 55lb 11oz

3rd Ash 35lb 7oz

Match Date. Sunday 17th February 2019


1st            J. O’Niel 95lb 2oz

2nd          J.P           42lb 3oz

3rd           N. Walker-Jennings 16lb 8oz

Match Date. Sunday 10th February 2019


1st            B. Gardner 120lb

2nd          D. Mathews 82lb

3rd           A. Biggs        43lb

NEXT MATCH will be held on Sunday 5th May on the Cauldron.

All-in at 10am fishing until 2pm. Draw from 9am. £20 all in, including brews and bacon butty.

To book your place on any match please call 07725054976 to reserve your place.

Match Fishing Rules.

These rules are in addition to the general rules of the fishery. 

  • A maximum of 50lb of fish per net. Anything over will not be counted up to 5lb. An over of more than 5lb the whole net will not be counted.
  • A minimum of 2 keepnets are required to be placed in your peg at the start of the match.
  • No Meat of any kind is allowed on the fishery.
  • A minimum line length of 6inch between pole elastic and float.
  • All fish must be landed, and placed into the keepnet using a landing net, REGARDLESS OF SIZE.

Anyone found to be in breach of these additional rules will be disqualified form the match.